Senior Executive Leadership

Pierre P. Oneid

President & Chief Nuclear Officer
Pierre Oneid is the Senior Vice President of Holtec International, President of SMR, LLC, Director of CDI and President & Chief Nuclear Officer of HDI. Mr. Oneid is a Professional Engineer with thirty-seven years of experience in the Nuclear Industry, including twelve years in mechanical and structural design, eight years in Business Development, and seventeen years in Executive Positions. Learn More ➝

Pamela B. Cowan

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Pam Cowan is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International and a member of the Board of Directors of Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI), a decommissioning general contractor, jointly owned by Holtec and SNC-Lavalin. Learn More ➝