The HDI Difference

Worldwide, 116 nuclear plants rely on Holtec International for safe fuel handling and storage.

HDI, supported by the Holtec sister companies, is amply equipped with the complement of capabilities needed to hold the license for shuttered nuclear plants and to safely decommission them. Among the sister companies that have a symbiotic relationship with HDI is Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI) which is jointly owned by Holtec and SNC Lavalin of Canada.

HDI’s unique capabilities that differentiate the company from others in every important respect, such as:

  • The Company is backed by Holtec’s enviable financial strength exemplified by the fact that Holtec has never lost money in any year since its inception in 1986.
  • HDI offers rapid whole pool de-fueling of shuttered nuclear units placing them in dry storage within three years after the reactor’s shut-down. This means all high-level waste and over 95% of the plant’s entire rad-waste content is sequestered in an essentially unbreachable confinement vessel. This rapid denuclearization of the plant is possible because of HDI’s ability to deploy the industry’s most heat-rejective multi-purpose canisters (MPC) licensed by the USNRC.
  • HDI is strategically advantaged in that it can readily access the talent available through the many sister companies and divisions of Holtec, such as SMR, LLC, Holtec Manufacturing Division (HMD), Nuclear Power Division (NPD), Holtec Ukraine, Holtec Asia, Holtec Africa, Holtec Brazil and Holtec Government Services (HGS). HDI also has access to CDI resources, and as a result, has access to the vast resources of SNC-Lavalin.
  • HDI’s licensing and regulatory affairs expertise is extensive, as it combines the large number of NRC dockets held by Holtec, as well as experience with regulatory interface in the many countries in which Holtec operates. HDI leadership also has experience in leading nuclear industry wide licensing efforts.
  • HDI’s decontamination & deconstruction credentials are through CDI with the 50,000 strong SNC-L workforce that includes nine Magnox plants in the United Kingdom.
  • HDI’s ability to take on multiple decommissioning plants at the same time due to the use of a proven management model that utilizes standard governance with flexibility to allow for adjust for unique situations and strong oversight model, coupled with strategically employing the knowledgeable site personnel.
  • HDI’s safety and quality programs are based on the high performance and best practices from Holtec’s manufacturing plants and site services projects.
  • HDI’s pioneering program to minimize personnel dose seeks to utilize special purpose robots in high radiation areas. This robotization program builds on Holtec’s successful introduction of robot-aided manufacturing in the Company’s fabrication facilities as well as in its site services activities.
  • Unsurpassed capability in computational fluid dynamics gives HDI the powerful tools to simulate the temperature field in fuel-laden pool with great fidelity. This means calculation of when a zirc-fire in the pool is no longer credible can be readily be assessed. Demonstration of this permits the plant to reduce costs associated with mitigating a postulated zirc-fire event.